Have you ever desired the ability to draw in a simple yet realistic way, but all of the drawing and practice you have done for years still leaves you with some major sticking points?

By joining the Let's Draw Today Club, you will get full access to an ever-expanding library of full-length, step-by-step drawing tutorials and instruction.

Each extended drawing tutorial is a course in and of itself, providing you with the specific, modeled, detailed steps needed to see a drawing through to its completion and feel confident enough to draw a realistic picture of anything or anyone.

Hi, I’m Jack.

I am a self-taught artist and the creator of the Let's Draw Today Club!

My experience as a first-grade teacher has taught me the value of breaking big concepts down into small, learnable steps. That is the same approach I bring to my drawing tutorials.

Whether you are a beginner or you have a bit more drawing experience, it is my goal to make helpful, step-by-step drawing tutorial videos and courses that will allow you to easily follow along, create beautiful drawings, and build your confidence in your skills and abilities to draw things you never thought you could draw before.

I look forward to sharing my passion for drawing with you here in the Let's Draw Today Club!


Let's Draw Today Club (or LDT Club) is a community of aspiring beginning and intermediate artists. The members of this community wish to improve their drawing and sketching abilities and expedite their progress.

In order to do this, they have access to a members-only collection of full-length, normal speed, step-by-step instructional videos, demonstration videos, and supporting resources.

The purpose of LDT Club is to help you make faster progress on your path to becoming better at drawing. Whether you just wish to sharpen your abilities and impress your friends or eventually become a professional pencil artist, becoming and remaining a member of LDT Club will provide you with training and guidance to help get you to where you want to be.

Who Is Let's Draw Today Club for?

You are a good match for Let's Draw Today Club if one or more of the following is true for you:

  • You have limited drawing experience and limited to no training.
  • You enjoy doodling, sketching, and drawing, but you don't feel like you are as good as you would like to be or could be.
  • You feel embarrassed when you compare your drawings to the drawings done by your friends and family members.
  • You see drawings by more experienced artists and think, "Wow, I wish I could draw like that!"
  • You would love to someday amaze people you know with a beautiful pencil drawing or even a realistic pencil portrait!
  • You would like to learn how to draw better at your own pace.
  • You are committed to practicing during routine intervals that fit your schedule.
  • You are a visual learner and learn best from visual modeling and demonstration.
  • You prefer to watch full-length drawing tutorials at a normal speed that you can keep up with rather than speed drawing tutorials that might be too short and too fast.
  • You learn best by having big concepts broken down into small, achievable steps and progressing one step at a time.
  • You benefit greatly from using tools and drawing methods such as grids and transfers as extra support.
  • You wish to improve your ability to create wonderful drawings by freehand.
  • You have a burning desire to improve your drawing skills and share your progress!

If you resonate with one or more of the preceding points, then Let's Draw Today Club is a match for you!

What Is Included in an LDT Club Membership?

Here is a look at everything that comes with a membership to the Let's Draw Today Club:

Extended Drawing Tutorial Courses

15 Full-Length Video Tutorials with over 46 Hours of Instruction (plus downloadable resources)

Exclusive Drawing Tutorial Videos

10 Full-Length Video Tutorials with nearly 20 Hours of Instruction

Bonus Mini-Course: How to Make Realistic Line Drawings of Any Face

Learn a Proven Method for Drawing a Face Outline with Proportional Accuracy, Regardless of Your Skill Level - YOUR FREE GIFT FOR SIGNING UP!

Read on to find out more details about each one of these benefits.

Extended Drawing Tutorial Courses

As a member of the Let's Draw Today Club, you will have access to a growing collection of full-length drawing video tutorials. I often refer to these as "extended" tutorials because they are more in-depth versions of the original tutorials found at my Let's Draw Today website. Each tutorial is organized like a course, and each course focuses on how to draw one subject from beginning to end with the help of a reference photograph.

Each tutorial course is broken down into multiple sections and lectures. Each lecture contains a video (or sometimes multiple videos) demonstrating one aspect of the drawing. This takes what might seem like the overwhelming task of completing a final drawing (to a beginner) and makes it much more manageable and achievable by working on the drawing in small, bite-sized pieces.

I like to think of these tutorials as a "paint-by-numbers" approach, even though we are drawing and not painting :). Step-by-step, I show you every pencil stroke.

All of the tutorial courses are grouped into the following broad categories:

How to Draw People

How to Draw Landscapes

How to Draw Things

How to Draw Animals

How to Draw Plants

How to Draw Food

You have the option to purchase access to each course individually. However, as a monthly or yearly subscribing member of Let's Draw Today Club, you will get full streaming access to all current and future courses, as well as future updates!

Here is a sample of the extended tutorials you will get to fully access as a member of Let's Draw Today Club:

What You Can Find in Each Course

Speaking of resources, here is a list of features you will find in each full-length drawing tutorial course:

High-Definition Video Clips

Each lecture has HD video demonstrating a very specific aspect of the drawing. By breaking the entire drawing into multiple videos, you can more easily finish the drawing by completing it in short, achievable steps.

Extended Tutorial with Extra Support

Each course is an extended version of the original tutorial found on LetsDrawToday.com. These extended tutorials of LDT Club provide additional support throughout the course of the drawing that is not provided in the original.

Getting Started Section

This section welcomes you with an introduction of what you will be drawing, tells you the total number of minutes, supplies reference photos and any other downloadable resources to make the drawing easier, and tells you the drawing materials used.

Downloadable Ebook

There is a downloadable ebook version of each tutorial. The ebook contains the same basic content as the course in summary and picture form, allowing you to learn and draw along without an Internet connection.

Downloadable Slideshow PDF

For the visual student who wants an alternative to video and doesn't wish to read the steps, the slideshow lets you scroll through a picture of each step from start to completion.

Practice Reference Photos

The best way to get better at drawing similar subjects is to practice those subjects more than once. Choose from high-quality images to use as reference photos for new drawings.

High-Definition Video Clips

The bulk of each course consists of the tutorial itself. Each tutorial is broken into different sections, and each section is broken into lectures (or lessons). Each lecture has one or more high-definition video clips that demonstrate a very specific aspect of the drawing. Watch as I slowly sketch each pencil stroke at a normal speed, allowing you time to carefully observe and do as I do.

Extended Tutorial with Extra Support

Each course is an extended version of the original tutorial found on LetsDrawToday.com. While you can use the original as a stand-alone aid, the extended version provides extra guidance, tips, and insights not found in the original. Paired with video that slowly demonstrates each and every step of the drawing, this provides a tremendous amount of extra support for those who need it.

Getting Started Section

This section welcomes you with an introduction to what you will be drawing. It tells you the total number of minutes of all of the video content. You will also see and be able to download selected reference photographs, grids, line drawing transfers, or other proportion guideline resources used for the drawing. Finally, this section outlines the same drawing materials used in the videos.

Downloadable Ebook

For those students who prefer step-by-step pictures and text over video, each tutorial has an ebook version too. Use the step-by-step photographs and directions from the ebook to draw the first step, then the second, and so on until you have a complete drawing! Since you have the option of downloading the ebooks, you don't need an Internet connection to keep learning and drawing.

Downloadable Slideshow PDF

Some students are very visual learners who do not wish to read step-by-step directions. For these students who want an alternative to video, there is a slideshow of each tutorial. The slideshow is embedded in a web page and can also be downloaded as a PDF. It allows you to scroll through and copy a picture of each step of the drawing from start to completion.

Practice Reference Photos

The best way to get better at drawing similar subjects is to practice those subjects more than once. At the end of each tutorial, you will find a selection of high-quality images similar to the subject of the tutorial. If you just finished a tutorial on how to draw mountains, then you will find examples of more mountains. You can use these images as inspiration or reference photographs for future drawings.

Exclusive Drawing Tutorial Videos

As I mentioned earlier, people have the option to purchase each drawing tutorial course individually. 

However, it takes time to develop all of the resources and put together all of the pieces that go along with the courses that are sold individually. This is true even after the completion of the recording process.

Therefore, I have decided to shorten the wait time for LDT Club members by making the videos for new tutorials available as soon as the recording process is finished!

This means that, as an LDT Club member, you will have a first and exclusive look at the videos for many of the new tutorials, sometimes long before non-LDT Club members will have a chance to purchase them individually as new courses.

Some of these tutorials may never be developed into full courses for sale, in which case they will always be exclusive to members.

As a member of the Let's Draw Today Club, you will have access to the following (currently exclusive) full-length drawing tutorials:

Bonus Mini-Course: How to Make Realistic Line Drawings of Any Face (Free Gift)

If you wish to draw a pencil portrait of someone, the most important step is getting the outline of the face correct. If you struggle to achieve this foundational step, then it's nearly impossible to finish the rest of the portrait in a way that maintains the likeness of the person, regardless of the quality of shading.

Since portraits are by far the most popular subject that people desire to draw, I decided to include a Bonus Mini-Course for beginners on how to get that first all-important step, the outline drawing of the face, achieved with the best results and the least effort.

Although the focus of this mini-course is on how to draw a face, you can apply the same method outlined in the course to draw any object, animal, plant, or other subject you wish!

Best of all, this bonus mini-course is a FREE GIFT to you for joining the LDT Club!

Here are some of the benefits you will get to enjoy after implementing the contents of this mini-course:

  • Create an accurate, proportional line drawing of ANY face, EVERY time, using ONE PROVEN TECHNIQUE that has helped beginning and experienced artists alike.
  • Draw perfectly-round irises and pupils that are the exact size they need to be for the eyes.
  • Give the nostrils of the nose the natural appearance that many beginning artists struggle to achieve.
  • Better capture the likeness of your subject’s smile with 4 tips for correctly drawing teeth the way you see them in your reference photograph.
  • Take the task of drawing ears from a complicated puzzle to a simple process that breaks the overall ear down into three manageable parts.
  • Use pencil strokes that replicate the natural flow and placement of hair as it exists in real life.
  • … and more where that came from!

Again, this Bonus Mini-Course is YOURS FOR FREE after signing up for the Let's Draw Today Club. This free gift is yours to keep and access anytime you wish, regardless of how long you choose to remain a member.

Draw and Learn Your Own Way

Because there are multiple skills being applied to a single drawing tutorial, the learning curve is not so steep. You can then take what you learn from one completed drawing tutorial and apply it to similar drawings and subjects of your choosing for similar outcomes.

These video tutorials are designed for you to draw right along with me. Alternatively, you can use these tutorials as a resource when you need specific help drawing a particular feature or using a certain technique.

Draw along with me at your own pace. Pause, back up, or skip ahead whenever you feel the need! If you watch the videos for a drawing that takes me two hours to finish, you have the resources and knowledge of your personal skill level to get to decide if you want to complete the drawing in two hours, one hour, two days, or one week!


You have two options when purchasing a membership in the Let's Draw Today Club:

Option #1: $7 per month

Why only $7 per month?

I wanted to create a high-value, affordable option for anyone committed to getting better at drawing. Whether you only aspire to impress your friends, or you see yourself with a future career as an artist, I don't want price to hold you back from getting the additional help and support you need.

The amount of value found within a LDT Club membership will only continue to expand as new drawing courses are added. The goal is to always keep the price of LDT Club low and affordable.

Your LDT Club membership will last for as long as you are a paying subscriber, so you'll have many opportunities and lots of time to improve your drawing abilities and get value as a member.

Option #2: $57 per year

This represents a 32% savings from paying $7 per month, and you will have access to LDT Club for an entire year!

Money-Back Guarantee

If you join Let's Draw Today Club and decide for whatever reason that it just is not for you, simply request a refund within the first 30 days of your payment, and I will refund your money.

Select a pricing plan and sign up.

Thank you so much for your interest and consideration in joining the Let's Draw Today Club! I look forward to helping you reach your drawing goals.