Draw the Outline of the Bun

Now that we have plot points on our drawing paper, we can start drawing the outline of the hamburger. I will use a 2H pencil to draw the initial outline.

We’ll begin by drawing the outline for the top of the hamburger bun. Refer to the color-coded reference photo with plot points to help identify the points on your drawing paper. You can see there is an orange plot point at the bottom edge of the bun on the left side. There are three more orange plot points along the top of the bun and there is one more orange point on the right side of the bun. To draw the bun, look at the reference photo to help you shape the line as you also use the line to connect the dots from one plot point to the next.

On the right side, draw a short line at an angle before connecting to the top to show the inward bend of the bun.

For the bottom of the bun, connect the orange plot points on the left and right side.

Be sure to draw the line through the green plot point in the center as well. Then connect the line to the end corner.

For the bottom bun, do the same thing as with the top. Start with the orange plot point on the left side. Draw a curved side downward to the next plot point.

Then draw the bottom edge of the bun as you continue to connect the points.

When you get to the right side, you may notice that this edge of the bun has a sharper corner than the left side. That’s okay, though. It’s perfectly normal for hamburger buns to lack perfect symmetry.

Sketch the top edge of the bottom bun by using a curved line. You can achieve this line by connecting the two green points and one yellow point from the reference with the two orange plot points at each end.

That does it for the outline of the top and bottom bun.

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